The regular meeting of Amherst Lodge, 26th March 2015 – Province of Kent Mark Benevolent Fund 2020 Festival Bronze Award


At its Regular Meeting on 26th March 2015 The Amherst Mark Lodge of Mark Master Masons, who meet down on the South coast at the Masonic Hall, Sandgate, were delighted to receive a visit from the Asst Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Fred Brown, accompanied by the acting Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. Ivor Spencer, and other active Provincial Officers.

The principal reason for the visit by W. Bro. Brown was to make a presentation to the Lodge on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master. The Asst Provincial Grand Master advised the Meeting that Amherst Lodge had become the first Lodge in the Province who, through the generous level of its donations to the Mark Benevolent Fund 2020 Festival appeal, has qualified for receipt of the Bronze Award.

W. Bro. Brown presented a Certificate to acknowledge and recognise this achievement to the WM of Amherst Lodge, W. Bro Jon Meyer. The Lodge were congratulated by W. Bro. Brown on their achievement and he expressed thanks for the excellent support being provided by the Lodge for the 2020 Festival.

The Amherst Lodge Charity Steward, Bro. Mick lay, then reported that following a successful social event organised by W. Bro. Brian Ward and receipt of other donations, he was able to propose that a further donation of £500 be made to the Kent Mark Benevolent Fund 2020 Festival appeal. This proposal having been approved, a cheque for this amount was presented by the Amherst WM to W. Bro Brown, who again thanked the Lodge for its continuing efforts and generous support.

At the Meeting, the Amherst WM also Advanced Bro. Gary Staniforth to the honourable degree of Mark Master Mason. A high quality ceremony was performed by the WM, very ably supported by his Officers.

Photographs taken after the Meeting to ‘mark’ the occasion are shown above. The evening concluded with a very happy Festive Board, in celebration of the occasion and Lodge achievement.

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