Centenary Meeting of Adam’s R.A.M. Lodge No. 6 - Wednesday 8th October 2014


Adam’s Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 6 enjoyed a gala evening of celebration on Wednesday 8th October when they celebrated one hundred years’ of uninterrupted working since 14 July 1914.

The meeting commenced with the election of W. Bro. Roger O’Brien as Commander Elect, followed by the announcement and arrival of the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Archibald Iain Torrance, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. David Green, the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W. Bros. Ralph Apperley and Frederick Brown, a Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Alan Eadie who were further accompanied by no fewer than twenty-two Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge officers.

The PGM took the chair and welcomed everyone to this special meeting. He then took a few moments to comment on the sad & gradual decline in R.A.M. membership, which he urged all present to counter by a more proactive recruiting process of Mark Master Masons into this lovely degree. He then outlined a number of forthcoming social events for the remainder of this year and early 2015.

RW Bro. Torrance presented Bro Ian Roger Goodwin, who had been elevated into Lodge No 6 in May 2014, with his Grand Lodge Certificate in an impressive and heart-felt manner.

There was a report and the Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro Raymond John Smith was announced by RW Bro. Kessick Jones, GDC, and received into the Lodge accompanied by RW Bro. Angus Hannagan, Acting Grand Secretary. The AGM was welcomed by the PGM. The chair was then vacated in favour of the Worshipful Commander, W. Bro. John Welton, for the Installation of W. Bro. O’Brien as Commander of the Lodge. Having been installed he proceeded to appoint and invest his Officers.

Next the chair was vacated in favour of the AGM, RW Bro Smith, who presided over the Centenary Celebrations. He called upon the ActingGSec, RW Bro. Angus Hannagan, to read the original Warrant of Consecration, dated 14 July 1914, and then the Centenary Warrant, dated October 2014, which having been done, the AGM presented the Centenary Warrant to the Worshipful Commander.

The Members of the Lodge were presented to the AGM, who then proceeded to unveil the Honours Board, on which are recorded the names of the first one hundred Worshipful Commanders of the Lodge, and which will, in due time, be hung in the second Lodge room.

After the Provincial Grand Chaplain, W. Bro. Howard Pashley, offered a suitable prayer the Assistant Grand Master commented favourably on the style and workmanship involved in the creation of the Board. This done the GDC called the Brethren to order and the AGM, accompanied by the Acting GSec, retired from the room to hearty applause. The Provincial GDC, W. Bro. Greg Dunham, then called the Brethren to order, formed up the Provincial Grand Master’s retiring procession and who then also retired to hearty applause.

After this the Lodge was swiftly closed with all present repairing to the Festive Board, where the evening was brought to a successful and amiable conclusion in a spirit of mutual enjoyment of the major landmark that had just been celebrated.

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