VW Bro. Frank Holding -
50 years a Mark Man


Wednesday 24th September 2014 was a memorable day in the life of VW Bro. Frank Holding, PGJO, PAPGM for that was when he celebrated, at a meeting of Malling Abbey Mark Lodge No 1425, 50 years as a Mark Man. The PGM, RW Bro. Archibald Torrance, together with a delegation of Active Provincial Officers, members of Manor of Chatham Mark Lodge No. 584 joined forces with the members and guests of Malling Abbey Mark Lodge to help VW Bro. Frank celebrate the milestone.

First of all those present witnessed a very good ceremony of Advancement when Bro. David Price was admitted as a Mark Master Mason.

Following on from this the PGM then took the Chair. After a brief introduction he said that VW Bro. Frank was born in the Medway area in 1934 and altho’ he’s now just turned 80 he hoped he had many years left in him as his mother, Mary, passed away fairly recently being well past her 100th birthday.

VW Bro. Frank spent most of his working life in the family farming business and also ran an efficient operation as Manager of Maidstone Market.

VW Bro. Frank married his wife, Hazel, of 58 years on 28th July 1956 in Chatham and is the proud father of a son, a daughter and is a grandfather to 5 grandchildren. The son Andrew lives in Norfolk and daughter Jenny in Loose, Maidstone.

Apart from Masonry VW Bro. Frank’s hobbies are gardening and cricket. He has a large garden which is partly grassed and partly used to grow vegetables. He has also helped to run the Kent Mark cricket team for a number of years.

VW Bro. Frank was initiated into Lodge de Wydemere No 6282 by his Grandfather on 9th December 1955. He was the Primus Master of Rochester Castle Lodge No 9260 in 1988 and also served as Master of the Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge No 5866 & Mid Kent Masters’ Lodge No 3173. He was appointed to Grand Rank in 1991 (PAGDC) and promoted to PJGD in 1999.

VW Bro. Frank was exalted into the Holy Royal Arch Chapter in 1967 (Artifex Chapter No 4555) and served as its 1st Principal in 1973 & 1980. He was suitably rewarded by the Province in 1980 (ProvDepGSwdB) & 1989 (PPGReg) before being appointed to Grand Rank (PAGDC) in 1997 and promoted to the active rank of Grand Sword Bearer in 2005.

VW Bro. Frank was Advanced in the Manor of Chatham Mark Lodge No 584 on 17th September 1964, was WM in 1975 and again in 2005 to coincide with Lodge’s Centenary. Served as Secretary from 1977 to 1988. He was a Founder of Malling Abbey Mark Lodge on 4th September 1974 becoming WM in 1979 and again in1995. In 1975 he joined Kent Installed Mark Masters’ Lodge No 999and was WM in 2001. He served the Province first as the active JW (1978), ProvDepGDC from 1983-1986, ProvGDC from 1986-1991 and finally as APGM from 2008-2010. His first Grand Honour was to the active rank of AGDC in 1985, PGSD in 1992 and to PGJO in 1997.

In the Royal Ark Mariner degree he was Elevated in Manor of Chatham Lodge No 584 on 21st January 1971, was WC in 1974 and Scribe 1977-1987. Was a Founder and the Primus Commander of Kent Installed Commanders’ Lodge No 999 in 1992. He therefore has the unusual distinction of being installed in the chair of both the Past Masters & Commanders Lodges of the Province for which only the most outstanding Brethren would be considered. He became a Founder of Malling Abbey Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No 1425 in 1994 and took the Chair in 2012. He received ProvRAMGR in 1981 and RAMGR in 1984.

As ProvGDC VW Bro. Frank was of upright and smart deportment, has a warm and friendly outlook and has been a wonderful servant to the Order. The PGM said that when he replaced VW Bro. Frank as an APGM he was honoured to be able to wear the same chain and jewel. The ProvGSec was asked to read the Certificate after which the PGM presented it to VW Frank with many congratulations on reaching this landmark with such outstanding service and commitment. This was warmly applauded by everyone present.

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