An Evening With Malcolm Brooks
An Evening With Malcolm Brooks

On Friday 13 June, ignoring any superstitious worries, the Provincial Festival, "An Evening With Malcolm Brooks", was held under the auspices of Kent Installed Commanders' Lodge at Franklin Road, Gillingham in the presence of the RW Provincial Grand Master. Malcolm is an accomplished speaker so it was no surprise that 82 Brethren attended the meeting.

On one of the hottest days of the year, Bro Malcolm held the attention of everyone present as he delivered a talk on various aspects of the Flood story, around which the Royal Ark Mariner Degree is based. Everyone finished the meeting with a lot more knowledge and much food for thought.

An Evening With Malcolm Brooks

As if this were not enough, the Provincial Demonstration Team then delivered the lecture on the Royal Ark Mariner Tracing Board. This complex piece of ritual was delivered with unparalleled aplomb by every member of the team. The audience was left feeling more than a little envious at the performance of the team; truly a demonstration, of which anyone would have been proud!

The evening was rounded off with a splendid Festive Board, at which 76 Brethren dined in convivial company.

The pictures show firstly the Worshipful Commander, WBro Geoff Whale with the PGM, various distinguished Brethren and Bro Malcolm and secondly with the Provincial Demonstration Team.

Article and photos by W Bro Ian Gallehawk

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