Presentation to VW Bro. Peter F. T. Ward
Presentation to VW Bro. Peter F. T. Ward

On Saturday 24th May 2014, our Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Archie Torrance, visited VW Bro. Peter Ward at his home in Orpington to perform a pleasant duty.

VW Bro. Peter was Treasurer of the Mark Provincial Officers' Mess for over 33 years until he retired from that role on 12th April. This was an outstanding contribution to the life of the Province in general and to the Provincial Officers’ Mess itself. It is interesting to note that Peter's father also gave wonderful service to the Mess for many years before that.

At the Mess in April, VW Bro Peter was thanked publicly by the PGM for his many years of service and a promise was made that a special gift from the members of the Mess would be presented to him in gratitude for his unstinting support. So, in the discharge of that promise the PGM attended Peter's home to present the gift on behalf of all the members of the Mess.

The gift is an ornamental Scottish quaich on a polished wood plinth with an inscribed plate. A 'quaich' is a traditional Scottish friendship cup with lug handles, which is used as a drinking vessel. The inscription reads: VW Bro. Peter F.T. Ward, PGMO for his services as Treasurer of the Kent Mark Provincial Officers’ Mess 12th April 2014.

Before the PGM left, VW Bro. Peter asked Archie if he would do him the kindness of 'christening' the quaich. This was a moving moment and Archie was, of course, delighted and humbled to accede to Peter's request. They then shared a wee dram of Speyside single malt whiskey from the new quaich in token of friendship.

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