Advancement Ceremony for Pat King at Pentangle Mark Lodge No. 682

Advancement Ceremony for Pat King at Pentangle Mark Lodge No. 682

At the April meeting of the Pentangle Lodge of MMM’s No. 682, Bro. Patrick Kenneth King was advanced into Mark Masonry. Pat is well known throughout the Province of East Kent as a Grand Officer in both the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch having served each aspect of that Province as the Provincial Senior Grand Warden and the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies respectively. He is also well-known in other Orders in the Province of Kent, including the Red Cross of Constantine and the Royal Order of Scotland.

Up until recently Pat had always found reasons not to become a Mark Master Mason. That is until our Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Archibald Torrance, suggested to Pat that he should seriously reconsider and that the Mark Province would be richer with his membership. Within minutes of agreeing an application form was produced by Pat’s proposer W. Bro. Duncan Griffiths and duly seconded by VW. Bro John Dalley. The PGM then stated that he would love to be present at the Advancement and the necessary arrangements were made.

At Gundulph Square on the 25th of April the PGM arrived with his escorting Officers, which included two Active Grand Officers, but without his escorting DC, W. Bro Graham Raven who had been delayed in a traffic incident in South London. A guest of the Lodge, W. Bro Roy Hartley, was spotted by the PGM and after a few enquiring words, Roy agreed to take the escorting DC’s position.

The meeting proved to be an excellent one. Pat’s proposer, W. Bro Duncan Griffiths took the Master’s chair for the ceremony and Advanced Bro. Pat in fine Pentangle form. Several other Past Masters also assumed various roles during the ceremony thus ensuring that they too took part in Pat’s Advancement.

The Festive Board also proved to be jolly good fun, Pat’s enthusiasm for all things Masonic soon took the mood of the evening. At his response to the toast to his good heath, he commented that he now wished that he had taken this momentous step in Freemasonry much earlier. At the end of the meeting, Pat was handed an application form to join the Honourable Society of Royal Ark Mariners. Watch this space!

W. Bro. Paul Murton

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