Mark Grand Ranks 2014

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, HRH Prince Michael of Kent, has been pleased to Promote and Appoint the following Kent Brethren to the Grand Ranks indicated below. They will be invested at Great Queen Street on Tuesday 10th June 2014.

Forenames Name Rank Lodge
Peter David Williams GMO (Direct) Richard Watts 1461
Ronald David Jakes PGJO Paddock Wood 1292
Rev Howard Thomas Pashley PGChap Sandwich Haven 797
David Fishwick Parker PGSD Paddock Wood 1292
Rex Francis Thorne PGSD (Direct) Kent Mark Stewards 1691
Roy Adams PGJD Biggin Hill 1557
Ralph Mannings Apperley PGJD Holmesdale 129
Alexander Craigen PGJD Granville 390
David Walter Miller PGJD Pentangle 682
William Albert James Taylor PGJD St Andrews 237

First Appointments
Barry Brian Cleaves PAGDC St Peters 842
Roger Joseph Ernest O’Brien PAGDC Harmony 984
Stephen Dunsdon PAGSwdB Lord Harris 1494
John Christopher Grumbridge PAGSwdB Kent Mark Stewards 1691
Christopher Anthony Verey Dadson PGStB Orpington 1083
Thomas Dale Matcham PGStB Amherst 266
Robert Charles Preston PGStB Amherst 266
Colin David Jackson GStwd (Active) St Martins 262

Congratulations to everyone on their preferment and every good fortune in their new Mark Rank.

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