Launch of Provincial Delegations

The visit of our Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Archie Torrance, to Kentish Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 857 at the Westwood Masonic Centre (Welling) on Tuesday 4th March 2014 marked the launch of what is known as 'Provincial Delegations'.

A Provincial Delegation is a group of Provincial Officers accompanying the PGM, DPGM or one of the APGMs during their official visit to a Lodge and operates under the directions of the Escorting Director of Ceremonies. It is an important part of the overall approach to visiting Lodges in the Mark Province of Kent.

It is intended that the introduction of Provincial Delegations will enhance Lodge meetings and provide an opportunity for active officers of the year to engage directly in Provincial activities.

Arrangements for Provincial Delegations are made by W Bro. Chris Boak, Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary, in consultation with W Bro. Greg Dunham, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The following Brethren volunteered to be part of this very first Provincial Delegation operated under the new arrangements: W Bro. Mike Plant (Temple Lodge No. 322), W Bro. Rob Downing (Royal Oak Lodge No. 416), W Bro. Martin Gardner (Excelsior Lodge No. 226), W Bro. Bill Walden (North Kent Lodge No. 1682), W Bro. Bill Balderston (Richard Watts Lodge No. 1461) and W Bro. Perri Ahmet (Temple Lodge No. 322) as Escorting DC.

The PGM said: "I am grateful to all the Brethren who willingly gave their time to support me during my visit to Kentish Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners on Tuesday. This first Provincial Delegation under the new arrangements went well and I trust that all those participating enjoyed the experience. I am also grateful to
W. Bro. Chris Boak and W Bro. Greg Dunham for facilitating the arrangements. I look forward to many more successful visits to Lodges in the future."

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