Exceptional Meeting of Kent Mark Stewards Lodge No 1691 on 4 September 2013


On 4 September 2013, the Kent Mark Stewards Lodge No 1691 held a meeting, which is unlikely to be replicated for many years.

The Lodge was privileged to Advance a new brother into Mark Masonry. While this is always a cause for rejoicing, on this occasion it was even more auspicious as the new Advancee was none other than Bro Geoffrey Dearing, known within the Craft as RW Bro Geoffrey Dearing, the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of East Kent!

It is always an honour for any Brother to be advanced into mark masonry but, on this occasion, it was a singular honour that Bro Geoffrey should have chosen the Kent Mark Stewards Lodge to begin his journey within the Mark degree. As might be expected, the Lodge warmly welcomed Bro Geoffrey, who, in turn, spoke with great aplomb at the Festive Board to the acclamation of all present.

Another aspect of the meeting was also of great significance to the Lodge and the Province of Kent. RW Bro Roger Croucher made his last appearance at a meeting as Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Kent. During his long time serving the Province of Kent in many offices, Roger has become a friend to everyone and his presence at meetings always adds a positive and high note.

At the Festive Board, the Deputy PGM, VW Bro Peter Williams, proposed a toast to RW Bro Roger. While Peter injected his usual good humour and personal touch into the toast, there were moments when the emotions invoked by the moment were clear. While looking happily to the future, all present spent more than a few moments reflecting upon how much RW Bro Roger had meant to the Province and its Lodges and upon how much he will be missed.

There was, however, no time for lengthy, sombre reflection as RW Bro Roger addressed the assembled brethren with the dignity and light heartedness, which has become his trademark. The spontaneous standing ovation, which followed his address, was a fitting end to a magnificent time in office.

The pictures show a packed Festive Board. As many brothers as possible wanted to be present at this event. The day was one of the hottest of the year and the smiles show what stamina and endurance levels Freemasons have!

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