Kent Mark Provincial Officers’ Mess

This Annual Event was held at Tovil on Saturday 20th April 2013 and followed the Provincial Committee Meeting, when well over 100 Mark Masons were present and enjoyed lunch in each other’s company.

In his toast to the President of the Mess the Vice President, VW Bro. Peter Williams, paid generous tribute to the service given to both the Province and the Mess by RW Bro. Roger Croucher. He would be standing down as PGM in September so this would be the last occasion on which he would be presiding over the Mess.

In his reply the President thanked the Deputy President for his kind words and said he had enjoyed his period in Office. There had been some very enjoyable events over the years and was particularly looking forward to the lunch on Sunday 19th May 2013 at Tovil and “Party in the Park” at Luddesdown on Saturday 29th June 2013.

At the conclusion of the response the members gave the President a warm and spontaneous standing ovation.

In the post luncheon proceedings those members who had passed to higher service during the past year were respectfully remembered.

The Mess Secretary, W. Bro. Chris Boak, gave his report and said that membership numbers were down on previous figures but would, no doubt, recover to some extent with new memberships when the list of new Provincial appointments are issued.

The Mess accounts were presented by the Treasurer , VW Bro. Peter Ward and were duly proposed, seconded and adopted.

The names of those Brethren who were present and who are being honoured by Promotion or Appointment in Grand Rank in June were read out and congratulated.

W. Bro. Chris Boak was re-elected as Mess Secretary.

The President of the Mess, RW Bro. Roger Croucher, paid tribute to the long and loyal service given by VW Bro. Peter Ward as Mess Treasurer. This had already spanned a period of no less than 32 years (and 4 Provincial Grand Masters.) VW Bro. Peter had agreed to continue for one further year and was duly re-elected.

A happy and successful time was brought to a conclusion when the Provincial Grand Junior Warden, W. Bro. Pat Flanagan, proposed a vote of thanks to the President.

Bill Balderston

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