Sponsorship for Lord Mayor’s Show Masonic Procession,  on Saturday 10th  November 2012Sponsorship for Lord Mayor’s Show Masonic Procession,  on Saturday 10th  November 2012

Jeremy J GaskellI have been lucky enough to be selected, with two other Brethren from my School Craft Lodge (Sir Thomas White No. 1820 – Old Merchant Taylors’), to walk in full regalia in the Lord Mayor’s Show procession on Saturday 10th November, and I would like you to sponsor me. This will be an opportunity to make an excellent start to our fund-raising for the Festival.

The fact that only 80 Masons will be walking, makes this a unique Masonic occasion, and thus I am very lucky indeed to be one of those few.

I think the reason we have been selected is that we are a Grand Officer, a Provincial Grand Officer and a MM respectively, so a nice combination of regalia. The details of the Walk may be obtained from www.porchway.org or www.lordmayorsshow.org

The procession starts at the Mansion House in the City and proceeds 1.7 miles to the Royal Courts of Justice/Aldwych where, after a short rest stop, we then walk back again, ie 3.4 miles overall.

Now this may not seem much to you, but for someone who is 70 in January, overweight and diabetic, with both high blood pressure and cholesterol, the usual water problems at this age, 'floaters' in my eyes, duodenal and gastric ulcers, a slipped disc operated on last year and still dodgy, plus recently diagnosed emphysema (and now the specialist says he doesn’t like my liver, either – I don’t know why, I’m happy with it!), you will understand why I am asking you to sponsor just one of the three of us walkers to complete the course. Additionally, one of my two fellow-walkers is in his late 50’s with two stents inserted in his heart last autumn, and although the third is younger, he is even heavier than me! So prudence is the watchword.

Please support the Kent Mark 2020 Festival by sponsoring my walk as per the multiple Sponsorship and Gift Aid Declaration which includes instructions and can be downloaded by clicking here.

NB. Giving via Gift Aid ensures (if you are a taxpayer), that a gift of say, £10, is increased to £12-50 thanks to the Chancellor of the Exchequer!* If you give now, we promise to refund you if none of us makes it!

Jeremy J Gaskell

* The fees for walking and carrying the Banner have been paid by we three walkers personally, and we will not require any reimbursement, ie the whole of your sponsorship goes to The Kent Mark Festival 2020.

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