Monday 23rd April 2012 will live long in the memory of VW Bro. Frederick Ernest William Peirce as this was day he received his service certificate after completing 60 years as a Mark Man.

The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Roger Croucher, was, to VW Bro. Fred’s surprise, in attendance at the Meeting of Gordon Mark Lodge No. 364 to present the certificate.

In his tribute the PGM said that VW Bro. Fred had started his Masonic journey in 1949 when, four years after de-mob from the RAF, he was initiated in to the Lodge of Sympathy No. 483. Not much time was wasted before joining the Mark Degree when he was Advanced in to the Gordon Mark Lodge on 14th January 1952 and then just four months later was Elevated in to the Gordon R.A.M. Lodge No. 364. It was fairly clear that he had been bitten by the Masonic bug!

Fervent and outstanding support during the years that followed resulted in the award of several Provincial and Grand Lodge honours. In 1962 ProvGJD (Active) was the first and this was followed by Grand Rank in 1971 with the appointment to PAGDC. Afterwards promotion to PGJD came in 1987 and then to PGJO in 1993. Finally a promotion in the Province was made in 2001 to PProvGJW.

The PGM said that in November 1998 he had the delight of Installing VW Bro. Fred in to the Chair of the Kent Installed Mark Masters Lodge No. 999 which had been regarded as a great honour and a Chair which was filled with distinction.

Back in 1949 at the beginning of the journey VW Bro. Fred had been charged to be “respectable in life, useful to mankind and an ornament of the society of which he had now become a member”. At the Advancement ceremony he had been charged to live in unity and brotherly love and when installed as Worshipful Commander to set an example of integrity and honour to the members of the Lodge. In these past 60 years VW Bro. Fred had answered these calls to the full and had earned the respect and affection of all the Brethren.

The PGM then thanked VW Bro. Fred for all that he had done for the various Lodges, the Order in general, the Province in particular and now had much pleasure in presenting him with the Certificate. VW Bro. Fred gratefully received this amid warm applause from those assembled.

An enjoyable Festive Board followed at which VW Bro. Fred was presented with a suitably decorated cake and a bouquet of flowers for his wife.

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