It all seemed like a normal meeting. The Secretary had sent the Summonses out and done his other preparatory work but W. Bro. Tony Taylor, PAGDC, the Lodge DC, was not aware of the special guest for the evening. W. Bro. Tony had already agreed to take the Chair to work an Advancement ceremony but what he did not know was that the special guest was RW Bro. Roger Croucher, PGM, who was not in attendance as a matter of routine but was attending for a special reason.

W. Bro. Tony was generously asked to take the Chair by the WM, W. Bro. W. Bro. John Morris, to conduct the Advancement ceremony which was carried with his usual impeccable skill and style. An excellent ceremony which will be remembered by all.

After the Advancement ceremony and the Chair being returned to its rightful owner, the PGM rose and asked for W. Bro. Tony Taylor to be conducted to him when the real reason for the visit became evident. W. Bro. Tony had been Advanced in to the Holmesdale Mark Lodge No. 129 on 17th January 1962 and had thus completed 50 years service as a Mark man on the previous day. A 50 year Certificate of Service had been obtained from Grand Lodge and the Citation was read by the Provincial Grand Secretary, W. Bro. Bill Balderston. The PGM made reference to W. Bro. Tony’s Mark career and thanked him for the work he does for the Lodge and as a member of the East Kent Ritual Demonstration Team. The PGM then presented W. Bro. Tony with the Certificate and wished him well for the future.

After the Lodge was closed the Brethren retired to the Dining Hall for a very pleasant and convivial Festive Board.

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