On 7th September last, the Kent Mark Stewards's Lodge No 1691 enjoyed a delightful talk from W Bro Roger Odd on his wonderful and humourous excusions in Freemasonry. These included episodes from Craft, Royal Arch Chapter as well as Mark, spread over his time in Yorkshire and Kent. Not least was the occasion when our own Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Roger Croucher, decided to surprise Invicta Lodge where W Bro Roger Odd was presiding as WM, by arriving unexpectedly and requesting late admission as a 'well known' brother. Great consternation all round when the PGM entered unescorted and in undress regalia!

W Bro Roger's talk entertained everyone present and reminded us all that we should make Freemasonry fun for everyone concerned - ourselves , our fellow Lodge members, our guests and our families.

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