By a fortunate stroke of luck, the Kent Installed Mark Masters’ Lodge No 999 has regained possession of its coveted first signature book, covering the period from its formation in 1944 to 1970.

It was spotted on Ebay by Frank Sharp in Essex who notified his friend W Bro Paul Kostromin. He contacted V W Bro David Green, APGM and current WM of KIMM, who made an opening bid of £9.99 (recognise that number?).

Hurried steps were taken to let other KIMM members know that we were aware of the book being on Ebay, and luckily there were no other bids, meaning that the opening bid of £9.99 succeeded.

Rather than entrust such a valuable document to the post, David Green set off to meet the vendor in Westerham, who told him that the book was the only Masonic item amongst a collection of over 1,500 military books forming part of a gentleman’s estate locally.

It remains a mystery as to how, where and when the book disappeared, but now it is safely back home!

There are some notable signatures in the first two pages including Lord Harris, our PGM at that time and later to become Grand Master. The first Worshipful Master was V W Bro F W F Arnaud, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. And the final signature on the visitors’ page is R W Bro Rev Cannon Frederick Halsey, the Deputy Grand Master from 1936 to 1952 when he died; he was also at the same time the Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire from 1933 to 1951, so he must have been a very busy man!!

Click here to see a pdf copy of some of the pages from the Signature Book. We will be very pleased to hear from anyone who can tell us a story about any of the other signatures.

A full account of the Lodge’s founding and significant events may be found on pages 53 to 56 of “A Brief History of the Mark province of Kent” written by R W Bro Roland Wade.

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