We are very pleased to announce that on the 16th July 2011 Kent again won the annual cricket tournament held between Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.

The venue this year was again at Torry Hill, Sittingbourne thanks to the generosity of Lord and Lady Kingsdown in allowing us to use their grounds.

It was possibly the wettest day of the year, but despite the atrocious and hazardous weather conditions, the players were determined to carry on with the match, limiting each side’s play to ten overs.

Surrey and Kent were the first teams to play, which Kent won with 70 runs for 3 wickets, against Surrey’s 59 runs for 5 wickets. All three of Kent’s wickets were taken by Surrey bowler and 'man of the match' Sam Bushby who conceded only 16 runs. Thirteen-year-old Sam is pictured being congratulated by our PGM R W Bro Roger Croucher while the Surrey PGM R W Bro Ray Hussey looks on. Well done Sam!

In the second game between Middlesex and Kent, Kent won by 48 runs from 7 overs and 4 balls, against Middlesex’s 47 runs from 10 overs.

It was then a rush to escape the heavy rain and to begin the award ceremony!

Our congratulations then to the entire Kent team for persevering to victory in the inclement conditions. All credit to Simon Smith, our captain, for inspiring the event to go on in spite of the terrible weather, and the Surrey and Middlesex sides for going along with him.

We also thank everyone who helped organise the day – VW Bro Frank Holding, W Bro Bob Fisher and W Bro Dave Warton.

Just as the afternoon drew to a close, the rain stopped and we all drove home in bright sunlight – but in damp clothes!

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