'50 and not out' is how WBro. Eric Spencer finds himself in 2011. Having been Advanced into the St. Peter’s Lodge No. 842 on 5th January 1961, WBro. Eric is now the proud owner of a certificate extolling the achievement of reaching 50 years membership of Mark Freemasonry.

On 6th January 2011, members and visitors congregated together at the Regular meeting of the Lodge to compliment him on reaching this remarkable milestone and to witness the presentation of the Certificate of Congratulations by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro. Roger Croucher.
He can now add this certificate to those already received in respect of 50 years service in Craft and Chapter.

After progressing through the regular offices of the Lodge, WBro. Eric was installed into the Chair in March 1975 and had the pleasure of Advancing 3 candidates during his period as Worshipful Master. WBro. Eric was appointed to Provincial Grand Senior Deacon in September 1978 and promoted to Past Provincial Grand Senior Overseer in September 1999.

WBro. Eric was born on 11th October 1919 in Stoke Newington and spent his early educational years in the area leaving school in October 1935 to join Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd.

During World War II, WBro. Eric was engaged in active service. Initially seeing action in France during 1940; he was among the thousands of soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk in that year. Returning to overseas duty, from 1941 to 1945 he served in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus and finally a brief spell in Germany at the end of 1945 before being demobbed in 1946.

WBro. Eric briefly returned to ST & C Ltd, but in 1953, and now married to Molly, he became the licensee of The Gardeners public house in Higham, Rochester and together they ran this until 1986. Molly sadly passed away in 2008 but they had enjoyed 59 years of married life together and are proud of the achievements of their son, Duncan, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

WBro. Eric has always been a keen sportsman and sports fan and in a response to the presentation on 6th January 2011 he made reference to three particular sporting achievements in 1953, a year which for him was a turning point in his life as he had “emigrated” from North London to the green fields of Kent. Edmund Hillary was one of two men to conquer Mount Everest; Gordon Richards finally succeeded in winning the Epson Derby which had eluded him for so many years and Stanley Matthews won his only FA Cup Final winner’s medal. WBro. Eric remarked that all three men had received knighthoods so he was looking a little further than Freemasonry for his next honour.

Barry Cleaves
Secretary, St. Peter’s Lodge No. 842

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