Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Kent

Where Your Money Goes : The Mark Benevolent Fund

As you now, we are currently approaching 2020 and the culmination of the 152nd Annual Festival for the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF).

This year’s festival was rather special as it commemorated 150 years since Reverend George Raymond Portal (Canonised in 1881) founded the Mark Benevolent Fund. Reverend Portal strongly believed it vital for the Mark Degree to have ownership of a benevolent fund. The MBF was established with the sole objective of providing immediate financial aid to eligible Mark Master Masons or their close family, who may be in distress.

Significantly, it was to encourage all Brethren to practice the morals of donating freely and without hesitation.

The Mark Benevolent Fund

To mark the 150th anniversary Mark Masons' Hall have produced a booklet entitled the Mark Benevolent Fund Grants to Worthy Causes 1965 – 2019 which as well as being a fascinating read, details the causes small and large, regional and national that have benefited from our charity over the past 54 years.

So if you have ever wondered where your money goes and the many worthy causes supported then click on the image above.